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Send And Receive Payments
Multi Currency
No Charge Backs

We provide wire transfer solutions in multi currencies to low and medium risk industries.

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Let your accounts be managed by trusted and experienced superheroes

Our highly experienced teams are ready to take the responsibility of managing your accounts by supporting business and growth requirements.

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Minimize The Risk

We offer the best solution to reduce declines and fraudulent transactions. Some of our risk measures include pre-risk assessment according to transaction activity and performing enhanced compliance checks.
No need to think about fraudulent transactions or chargebacks. No matter what your business needs, we have the correct merchant credit card processing solution for you.

Optimize Your Revenue

Unlock new ways

Unlock new ways to optimize your business at every step of the payment journey with a platform that covers gateway, acquiring and risk.

Business Potential

You’ll have everything you need to make all the right decisions to reach your full business potential.

Time For Business

Spend more time on your business without having to worry about the complicated, constantly changing payments landscape.

Making Your Recurring payment Collection simple

Customizing the perfect solution for your company is our primary mission.

The recurring billing is a popular business model and ideal especially for eCommerce businesses and for local organizations like gyms and newspapers to big corporations that are streaming media.

You may not know how challenging it can be to get approval to accept debit and credit card payments for the recurring payment business model.

SPS recurring billing gives you the flexibility to customize the intervals when your customers are charged.

Whether you offer a membership or subscription, SPS recurring billing optimizes your checkout experience and grows customer retention.

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Secure Yourself With The Best

3D Secure was created by Visa and MasterCard to add a layer of security for Card Not Present (CNP) merchants. The primary benefit of 3-D Secure for Members is the reduction in disputed transactions and the resultant exception handling expense and losses.
   No special software is needed at the cardholder device
   Increased sales by enhancing consumer confidence
   Reduced risk of fraudulent transactions
   A decrease in disputed transactions
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Write to us with a specific requirement and we might be able to device a strategy to solve your problems!

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