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SPS Offers E-Commerce Merchants, Customized Solutions With Top-Of-The-Line Security.
We take care of merchants payment needs.

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A Company With Endless solutions

Secure Payment Services is united by a singular purpose: to exceed the expectations of our customers and colleagues by being the best payment gateway service provider globally.

Secure Payment Services Secure Payment Services Secure Payment Services Secure Payment Services Secure Payment Services Secure Payment Services Secure Payment Services


Secure Payment Services offers the best solution for merchants to expand market reach
while saving time and money

Account Management
Let your accounts be managed by trusted and experienced superheroes.


Custom Instruments For E-Commerce
Our flexible e-commerce instruments, with a well-elaborated API and functionality, will help you create the best product for your users, be it an online shop, a subscription service or a marketplace.


Risk Management
We offer the best solution to reduce declines and fraudulent transactions.


Revenue Optimization
Unlock new ways to optimize your business at every step of the payment journey with a platform that covers gateway, acquiring and risk.


Recurring Billing
Making your recurring payment collection simple. Customizing the perfect solution for your company is our primary mission.


3D Secure
3d secure was created by Visa and Mastercard to add a layer of security for card not present (CNP) merchants.


Why Choose Us

Affordable Rates & Fees

Our network of worldwide banks and credit companies allow us to offer you real-time accurate, low and competitive exchange rates.

We are Worldwide

Now expand your business into new countries, manage risk and increase solutions with alternate payment methods.

Endless Solutions

SPS presents merchants with a range of global and local payment solutions with the added benefit of multi-currency support.

Secure Payment Portal

Our proprietary application can be integrated directly with the merchant’s website to enable their customers to perform a transaction and keep a real-time track of funds from the initiation stage until the settlement stage.

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Our connection to various acquiring channels allows us to support verticals such as E-commerce, Retail which traditional banks are unlikely to support. Having the ability to comprehend your needs, we make it easier for you to choose us as your payment processing partner.

Business Consulting

At Secure Payment Services, we’ve put a multitude of manhours and effort into learning
the ins and outs of the business consulting industry in order to provide the best possible service to consulting companies.

Real Estate

Investment in global real estate continues to grow as people look to expand their property portfolios or have a more practical purpose such as migration or providing educational opportunities for their families. SPS provides a discreet, secure payment gateway allowing investors to help settle their purchases.

Want to know more?

We understand the difficulties faced to process payments in another country other than your home and the effort required to acquire an IBAN in another country.

Mail us today and we will make sure that all your payment needs are taken care of.

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