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SPS collect is our bank wire solution that allows merchants to send and receive payments to / from their customers in absence of their debit or credit card.

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Is the first of a kind platform which enables an end to end seamless process for facilitating Wire Transfer payments globally.

24/7 access from Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices

Real-time tracking of funds from the Initiation stage until the Settlement stage.

A very user-friendly easy to use platform. The Merchant can raise a payment invoice at the click of a few buttons.

Automated email facility notifying the Merchant for transactions received and credited.

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SPS Offers E-Commerce Merchants, Customized Solutions With Top-Of-The-Line Security Along With Card Processing And Wire Transfer Services

As an E-Commerce merchant service provider, we have top-of-the-line security and a proven track record of keeping business and customer information safe and secure.

Having the ability to comprehend your needs, we help make it easy for you to figure out the best E-Commerce payment processing company. SPS offers credit card processing for all verticals and business types.

E-Commerce merchants are often faced with high rates and countless fees for things such as new account set up fee, equipment fee, and a new merchant gateway charge – Our effortless KYC process and competitive fees are the main reasons merchants choose us.

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Making Your Card Payments Simple

Credit card processing is a way for merchants and retailers to accept payment for goods, services, or merchandise in exchange for debit or credit card payments.

We take a singular approach to credit card payments, specializing in real-time operation, cardholder security, and online fraud prevention.

The majority of customers of a trading company will only deposit funds into a brokerage with a credit card. In addition to being a safer payment alternative for the investor, it also decreases the time it takes for an account to be opened and funded while increasing the initial and subsequent deposit amounts.

Our credit card processing facility permits you to simply accept payments from customers around the world, using a variety of credit card brands, as well as Visa, MasterCard, and Cirrus maestro.

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Your Gateway to freedom

SPS Gateway is a PCI DSS Level 2 white-label platform with robust capabilities to help you connect in the digital payments world. Want to know how the SPS Payment Gateway can benefit your business? Learn more by writing to us.

Some key features :

   Virtual Terminal

   Inventory Management

   Quick-Click Button Generator

   ACH Processing

   Verified-by-Visa / MC Secure Code

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Facilitating Mobile Payments at the tip of your finger

Starting out with the right mobile solutions for your merchant account makes accepting in-app mobile purchases seamless. Grow your business and achieve new markets by providing mobile payment options.

  Payment with mobile

  Secure In-App Payment Processing

  Mobile Card Reader

  Mobile processing of card transactions

  Apple Pay

  China payment

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International Merchant Accounts

International merchant account refers to an account that is underwritten by a bank or processor that is situated in a different country from the one where the business is located. The most common reasons for needing an international merchant account include the following:

You do a significant amount of business in a foreign country and need to accept payments in the local currency.

Your business has offices in multiple countries, and you need separate merchant accounts for each location.

Your domicile country does not support your business merchant account.

Global Payout Solution

SPS allows business, enterprises, and individuals to easily manage their payout requirements via a simplified yet secure system. It is a flexible, time-saving and multi-currency service which covers almost all countries globally. With SPS Global Payout solution you are assured that all your payout requirements are always met right on time.


Top-up your designated payout account


Send multiple payout requests or key-in manually


Backend system to monitor your account and follow payouts execution

Availability to a wide range of industries and purposes.

Multi-currency with worldwide coverage.

Easy implementation.

Fast KYC process along with competitive rates.

Provides full back-office access.

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